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Matthias Schmitz

Matthias Schmitz

Entrepreneur - Hamburg - GER

"At first I thought that coaching with Bettina would be rather nice to have as one of many activities in the context of my business development. I wanted to give it a try and then decide how I wanted to go on. In the meantime Bettina has become a permanent companion, who always provides me with valuable impulses on very central topics. The question of my personal business purpose is more important to me as an entrepreneur than I thought and it helps me a lot that we were able to work it out so clearly. Identifying my inner barriers and systematically clearing them aside also greatly accelerates my daily work. Bettina, thank you very much for this elementary support on my road to success!"

Tomislav Simundic

Tomislav Simundic

Entrepreneur – Frankfurt - GER

"Bettina has valuable talents and remarkable skills as a professional coach.

She is able to naturally understand your individual situation and pick you up exactly from there.

This ability was the key for me to establish a trustful and meaningful coaching relationship.

Bettina is able to motivate you to start your own journey towards one brilliant goal: your better self.

She guides and challenges you along the way where needed, while you perform the traveling by yourself.

She gently empowers you to shift your paradigms, perception and to question your limiting beliefs.

That way you can discover your true potentials and release this hidden energy from within which

is the only force that can propel you to grow beyond your own doubts and fears

on your personal path to excellence and completeness.

Thank you Bettina for helping me to rediscover the “adventure” in my life!"

"Coaching is based on mutual trust and compatibility. 

Book a free introductory call to find out if we're a fit." 

Rachel Meuleman

Rachel Meuleman

Entrepreneur - Dubai - UAE

"Bettina is a coach with a direct and clairvoyant approach. She has an incredible gift that can easily tune into 'source' and has a direct line of communication making her sessions clear and concise for her clients.

She is able to thoroughly understand how and where to start solving problems while keeping life simple and fun. She makes the heaviest issues lightly float away, bringing a sense of peace and serenity to the end of every session. Life is no longer as serious as we may think after a coaching session with Bettina."

Anaëlle March

Anaëlle March

Lawyer - London - GB

"Bettina has the ability to listen, hear and understand. She is able to provide incredible perspective due to her willingness to care and help others. The style of coaching she employs is high effective in helping us see what we really want, what are our barriers and where and on what we must pay attention. Bettina understands the underlying behaviors that may cause those of us to act in a way that may not achieve the best outcomes. She came to understand me, she saw my strengths and weakness, my character, my hopes and desires in such a way that our conversations are always focused on her asking exactly the right question to force me to think in ways I have not considered before. Bettina is just an extraordinary, incredibly and amazingly kind soul who has a laser focus on helping her patients use their strengths to be the best leader they are able. I really cannot recommend Bettina highly enough. I want to take this opportunity to thank her for bringing her fabulous coaching skills in my life, I’m the happiest women on earth thanks to her!!"


Eiléen Lee-Connor

Marketing Consultant – Dubai - UAE

Bettina is not only gracious, intuitive, well-trained and inspiring, but a pleasure to work with. I wasn't sure what to expect when I decided to take on understanding my own personal journey, however Bettina has a way of making me feel safe and easy-going which helped me open up naturally. No matter what issues you may currently be stressed with, I highly recommend having at least one meeting with Bettina to feel the difference even 1 conversation can make! I am excited to continue working with Bettina and uncover new self revelations that put things in perspective and help me overcome my anxieties.


Nora Sadiki

Executive Secretary – Dubai - UAE

My experience with Bettina has been truly life changing! After 10 sessions I feel a massive difference in the way I feel about myself, others and my life. Doors of opportunity have opened up for me with no resistance and my relationships are a lot better. My life perception has changed and I feel happier and more fulfilled. I find her approach very special as she works with the conscious and subconscious mind using different techniques depending on the topic. What I love most about Bettina is that she truly cares for people. She is just as amazing offline as she is online. I highly recommend Bettina and her services to anyone who wants to shift their current situation and live a more successful life.

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