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Do you need Relationship Coaching?


Relationship Coaching is an aspect of Life Coaching that helps individuals who want to nurture satisfying and meaningful relationships. Whether you are looking to seek clarity in your current relationship, blossom in your marriage, or figure out what it is you want from a potential partner, Relationship Coaching can help you clear up your thinking, get a fresh perspective, or set inspiring new goals that you can work towards.


Are you:

  • Single and ready to start attracting a potential partner?

  • Ready to make better, more compatible dating choices?

  • Tired of feeling frustrated and dissatisfied with your dating life, and ready to improve how you date for better outcomes?

  • Wanting to improve your current relationship? To heal it, solve it, calm it down, make it more joyful, more full of love and passion, to bring back the good feelings?

  • Conflicted about leaving or staying in your relationship?

  • Struggling to get over a past relationship so that you can move on and be happy?


We all crave relationships in which we can be ourselves, express love and grow into our full potential. Just as we want a career that is truly fulfilling, we all have a vision of the kind of relationships that will bring us joy. However, you may be experiencing a gap between your vision versus your reality.

How Can Mental Fitness Coaching Help You With Your Relationships?


When your experiences and efforts are not producing the satisfying relationships you long for, it is time to look beyond yourself for help. You may need assistance to identify and shift the attitudes and beliefs that are holding you back from attaining the relationships you crave — and help to develop more functional relationship skills. This is what "RelationFitness" Coaching, as part of a holistic bioenergetic approach, can provide.

By facing your relationship choices and challenges head on, you will discover an incredible opportunity to grow and evolve on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. If you are struggling with relationship issues and ready to foster relationships that work, I invite you to contact me and book a discovery session today.

Bettina Koster, Relationship Coaching in Abu Dhabi & Dubai


As a certified Life Coach in Abu Dhabi, I help individuals seeking (and sometimes struggling) to improve the quality of their lives and their relationships, in addition to many other areas of life.  I bring years of holistic bioenergetic coaching practice and personal experience from navigating my own marriage and relationships. I can help you tap into your own inner knowledge and truth, move through your fears, and learn new skills that will help you take action towards fulfilling your goals and dreams.  As you tap into your inner compass and shift the limiting beliefs and attitudes that are holding you back, you will be inspired to make powerful choices and exciting changes in your life.

If you are frustrated and struggling — or simply ready to create something new in your life — let’s talk about it! Book a free introductory call to discuss your situation and help you determine if my coaching is a “fit” for you.

"Coaching is based on mutual trust and compatibility. 

Book a free introductory call to find out if we're a fit." 

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