Obesity & Emotional Eating | Holistic Bioenergetic Coaching Can Help

Obesity & Emotional Eating

Piling on the pounds and becoming overweight for some people is a response to stress and difficult situations. There is a close yet complex connection between food and our emotions, hence the phrase comfort food. The act of eating something delicious for many people can be a way to relax, relieve tension and reduce stress levels, but being overweight comes with its own health concerns. Although reducing stress in our lives is important, dealing with mood swings and anxiety through comfort food is never a good idea. In this article, we’re going to discuss the close

relationship many people have with food and how you can overcome the urge to indulge in sweet treats and fatty food through holistic bioenergetic coaching.

Self Destruct Through Comfort Food

Indulging in fast food, sweet treats and comfort food is OK every now and again, but if you find yourself reaching for ice-cream, chocolate or junk food when you feel depressed, anxious or stressed out, you’re using food to channel your emotions. Obesity is a global health concern and is linked to major health problems around the world. From comfort eating in childhood to coping with work-related stress by pigging out, millions of people worldwide struggle daily with their weight.

Comfort food and emotional eating is an eating disorder, as you are forming an unhealthy relationship with food. Rather than using food to nourish and nurture your body, you are using it to alter your emotions and lift your mood. If this sounds all too familiar, you need to resolve and address the underlying issues you’re going through before you let obesity take over. Gaining weight can increase your risk of developing a wide range of health problems so it’s important to manage your diet and take action if you start to become overweight due to stress, anxiety or depression.

Diets don’t always work and feeling guilty about gaining weight can actually feed this vicious cycle of self-destruction and do more harm than good. Yes, it’s important to be aware of what you’re eating and the effect it will have on your body, but education will give you the insight and knowledge as to why you’re putting this food on your plate, instead of a well-balanced healthy meal. Once you realise the underlying emotions which lead to your lifestyle choices, you can start to take back control and combat obesity


Holistic Bioenergetic Coaching

To deal with the emotional triggers that may be responsible for you choosing comfort food over healthier alternatives, holistic bioenergetic coaching can be your game changer. Rather than focus on the symptoms of your problem, being weight gain and obesity, this alternative approach uncovers the emotional imbalance and limiting beliefs that are leading you down a path of self destruct. From addressing issues of low self-worth and a lack of confidence, to helping you to learn to love yourself again and respect your mind, body and soul, this alternative therapy does not require you to diet. By focusing on changing your mindset and revealing what’s making you act this way, will help you to lead a healthier lifestyle naturally and move towards a more positive future. For more information about holistic bioenergetic coaching, feel free to visit our website: www.bloomingkey.com

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