How to perceive change as an opportunity

How To Seize Opportunities By Changing Your Mindset

Change has more power than you realize. When the energy around us shifts, things are about to get interesting!

Yes, change can be difficult but it can also present wonderful opportunities. Even when something doesn’t work out the way you had anticipated, this doesn’t mean there are no opportunities to be had. In fact, by shifting your mindset and perceiving change as a positive opportunity, rather than a difficult adjustment, you can become stronger and more resilient as a person.

So let’s take a look at some top life coaching tips to help you become an optimist, and start seeing opportunities all around you!

Choose Your Reaction Wisely

If it wasn’t for change, life would be pretty dull! Changing your haircut can make you feel completely different and more confident. Changing jobs can help you move forward and progress. Changes in your relationships can lift you and help you build a supportive and loving safety net. An effective way to change your mindset and see opportunities when things don't go to plan is to re-evaluate the situation. You might not see this surprising change of course as a good thing at the moment, but further down the line, a new and exciting opportunity might present itself.

We are all on a path and if we are starting to veer off in a different direction, change can help guide you back to where you’re meant to be in life. The direction and path might be difficult to see, but eventually, things will become clear and all will make sense. So embrace this new route and trust in life to lead you in the right direction.

Focus On What You Can Control

Change can sometimes feel like a loss of control and this can take its toll on you emotionally. To regain power and become an optimist, you need to focus on what you are in control of. Take out a notebook and pen, make yourself a cup of tea or coffee. Start making a routine or daily ‘to do’ list. This life coaching trick helps people focus on what they want from life as well as ease anxiety and stress-related to change. If you’re following a daily routine, as you tick off your tasks, you will feel a sense of achievement that will settle any doubts about being out of control, even when going through a bit of a rough patch in life.

Seek Out The Opportunities

To prepare yourself for the upcoming change, predict what might lie ahead and note down the opportunities of each outcome. Let’s say you’re applying for a new job. Note down what opportunities there are if you get the job. Then jot down the opportunities if you don’t get the position you applied for. This could be opening up your own business instead, or focusing on your hobbies in the meantime. Consider both outcomes and close your eyes. Envision each situation and how you will react to it. Make sure you are seeing all possible outcomes as opportunities, not as negative experiences.

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