Six Tips on How To Heal From a Toxic Relationship

Toxic relationships make us feel unworthy and empty inside. But when we garner the strength to leave them, most of the time these feelings stay with us. On the bright side, the closing of that chapter welcomes new and better beginnings – the time to heal, to rediscover and to fall back in love with yourself. If you’ve recently exited a toxic relationship, here are some tips on getting through the healing process.

1. Acknowledge It

Acknowledging what happened, the mistakes made, the problems that spurred, allows you to come to terms with reality. To truly heal and move on, you must be transparent with yourself.

Accepting and recognizing the truth, that you were a part of an unhealthy relationship opens up the doors to learn and grow from it.

2. Gather Your Network

Being single is a stronger risk factor for depression among men than it is for women. And having a social support system can drastically change that. Reach out to friends and family, the people in your life who matter and genuinely care for your well-being. It's very hard to get through this vulnerable time alone and your support system can help you on this healing journey.

3. Seek Out New Activities

During this healing period, take the time to discover new interests and hobbies. These new experiences can spark greater joy and add excitement to your life. So go on that solo hike you’ve always wanted to try, take up that new hobby that you’ve never had the time to do. These changes have a great impact on your mental well-being.

4. Do Things That Excite You

It’s easy to lose touch with yourself and forget about your individuality when you’re in a toxic relationship. This includes everything from your goals to your interests. To heal from a toxic relationship, you need to reconnect and rebuild that relationship with yourself. Start by delving into your hobbies, interests and jot down the next life goals you want to achieve. This is the time to focus on what matters most – you.

5. Show Gratitude

Once we’ve left a toxic relationship, it’s easy to get caught in a cycle of negative thoughts. However, shifting your mind to the positive aspects of your life alters your perspective.

Focus on things in your life that you’re grateful for. Family, friends, the meal you had today or the nice sunshine that you woke up to this morning. When we appreciate the things we do have, our sense of happiness and gratitude naturally increase.

6. Get Professional Help

Therapy is extremely beneficial. Sometimes we need a professional to help sort through our emotions and find sustainable solutions. They also approach our problems from an objective lens. When you find the right therapist, they can help put you on track to living a more joyful life.

All of these tips lead to one thing – establishing a stronger sense of self-love. Because once you have that, not only can you heal and move on, but you can begin to tackle the next stages of life with a full heart and a clear mind.

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