How Feeling Lost in Life Can Ultimately Help You Find Yourself

Updated: Apr 26

It’s normal to occasionally feel lost and question the many components of your life. However, it’s not something to simply put aside. If you neglect those feelings, you’re more prone to spiral into depression, something 30.6% of men experience in their lifetime. Feeling lost or empty inside opens the door to begin finding your true self. The journey of self-discovery will anchor your identity into things that matter to you, leading to a more fulfilling life.

Why Do You Feel Lost?

Life throws many unexpected and unwanted events your way – it’s something we can’t control all the time. Some triggers could be:

- Recently ending a relationship.

- Lack of understanding towards your purpose and goals in life.

- Dissatisfaction with a job.

Once you’ve accepted that you are experiencing this void, the next part requires you to take action and start your path on self-discovery.

Steps to Finding Yourself

1. Ask Yourself What Matters

Take a moment to ask yourself what you find important in your life. Do you want to be a more present father figure to your children? Does your position at your company matter more?

These questions give you perspective on what you should be doing and spending your time on. When you highlight the things that matter to you in your life, you can then make the necessary changes to align your actions with them.

2. Setting Small Goals

Goals add structure and meaning to our lives. And these don’t have to be huge dreams. It could be as simple as finishing a novel, starting that new exercise, or learning to cook a nutritious meal for yourself.

Accomplishing these small goals that you’ve set out will give you the empowerment and motivation that you need for self-discovery.

3. Practice Self-care