5 Handy Tips for Maintaining a Strong Bond with Your Children

: A guide on how conscious parenting Abu Dhabi helps you build strong bond

The most important relationship a child will have is the one shared with parents. Child-parent relationships are the foundation for personality development, beliefs, values, and self-worth. This is why making an effort to engage in a positive relationship helps to raise a capable and healthy child.

To learn more about how you can build a strong bond with your children and create a nourishing environment.

Below mentioned are five handy tips shared by the coach at Blooming Key on conscious parenting Abu Dhabi.

1. Tell Them You Love Them

While we as parents may think our children know we love them through actions. Children need verbal confirmation, even more so when they have done something you do not like. Saying “I love you” will change the way disagreements are resolved and let them know your love is unconditional?

2. Display Your Love

Display your Love

At every stage of our lives, we need love and affection for healthy emotional as well as neurological development. Exchange warm expressions, give hugs, or even a smile now and then helps. All this plus encouraging and honest communication helps to build a better bond between child and parent.

3. Set Reasonable Rules

Set reasonable rules

Setting rules and boundaries provide the structure that children need to grow and learn to be well-rounded people. Ensure that you speak to your children about what you expect from them and explain why.

It is also important to not set rigid rules or be overly strict with them because at the end of the day you are dealing with your child.

4. Be Present and Available

Building a stronger bond with your child starts with listening and understanding their perspective. You need to reassure them that you want to help them as they grow and that you aim to benefit them. Paying attention to your child helps foster a bond of mutual respect.

You also need to set aside time to talk to your children and spend quality time together. One thing parents learn in conscious parenting in Abu Dhabi is that the goal is to make your children understand that they are a top priority in your life.

5. Do Activities Together

Indulge in fun activities together

Whether it is visiting McDonald's once in a while, going out for ice cream, or visiting a local water park, doing activities together creates closeness.

Having meals together and spending precious bonding time offers a great opportunity to build their self-esteem and let them know they are valued.

Given these tips, it is important to note there is no one way to parent children and there is no secret handbook, so there will be hardships along the way. Putting effort into having a better relationship with all your children will pay off eventually. To help you along the journey with guidance and support for parenting, you can seek conscious parenting in Abu Dhabi with Blooming Key.

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