4 Tips for Looking and Feeling More Confident

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to be confident but you just were not feeling it? Being confident is important but sometimes it can be hard to come by. While some people may have confidence that lasts, for the rest of us the feeling is not a constant. When we are with people we know well, it is easy to be confident, but when we are in a new situation or with strangers, it can take some time before we feel self-assured.

So what is the secret to believing in yourself? You simply have to seem or look confident to others around you. A major part of confidence involves how you look and appear, rather than how you feel. Confidence is a learned skill that can be built with adequate practice.

Here are a few simple ways to increase your self-confidence:

1. Keep a Good Posture

Good posture is the foundation of looking confident. If you are sitting, make sure your back is straight, but not rigid. Sit up tall and keep your chin up. If you are standing, keep your weight balanced on both feet, your shoulders square and relaxed. This friendly, open postures make others feel comfortable around you.

2. Maintain Eye Contact

Eye contact is essential for projecting confidence. Look people in the eye whether you are talking to one person or you are addressing a group. Your gaze should be strong enough to indicate that you are paying attention without appearing aggressive or intimidating.

3. Speak Slow and Clear

When we are nervous or unsure of ourselves we tend to speak faster than usual. This can not only signal to others that you feel insecure but it can seriously harm the points that you are trying to get across to another person. Slowing down the way you talk and making pauses where it is appropriate will make a huge difference during such situations.

4. Smile at People

Putting on a smile can help you feel happier and more confident on the inside as well as help to make others see you as more approachable and competent. Smiling is also said to release endorphins and reduce stress levels.

Building your confidence levels helps to make you a more magnetic and pleasant person no matter where you go. Other people are drawn to confidence, and you will automatically be assumed as a capable person.

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