Co-Active Coaching 

by CTI

Co-Active Coaching is an experience of personal and professional development unlike other kinds of coaching. Based on the Co-Active Model, it begins by holding the coachee as naturally creative, resourceful and whole, and completely capable of finding their own answers to whatever challenges they face.


The job of a Co-Active Coach® is to ask powerful questions, listen and empower to elicit the skills and creativity a client already possesses, rather than instruct or advise. Co-Active coaching uses an array of proprietary tools developed by CTI that have been proven as the gold standard over the past 25 years of the coaching profession. Please find here Accreditations & Affiliations of CTI Co-Active Coaching. 

Theta Healing 

by Vianna Stibal

The goal is to improve general well-being and health by freeing, negative experiences, blocking thought patterns (limiting beliefs) or genetically inherited patterns to create positive thinking. Theta healing is a way to shift imbalanced brain activity into balanced while being in a theta brainwave state (subconscious mind).


Brainwaves (electrical impulses) tell us a great deal about how you feel and function; your thought habits, stress levels, underlying mood and overall brain function. Theta brainwaves (3 to 8 hertz) occur most often in sleep or deep meditation. Theta is our gateway to learning, memory and intuition. In theta is that twilight state which we normally only experience fleetingly as we wake or drift off to sleep. In theta we are in a dream; vivid imagery, intuition and information beyond our normal conscious awareness. It’s where we hold our ‘stuff’, our fears, troubled history, and nightmares meaning it's the state where conscious and subconscious mind are meeting and you can change your life. 

Holistic Coaching

by Margaret Moore

This course is backed up by science, 20+ years of research and testing and collaborating with the McLean Hospital (division of Harvard Medical School), resulted in these 5 pillars of holistic coaching:

1. The psychology behind coaching: Four of the most important motivation, mindset and behavior change models.

2. Mastering your mind: Rules based on neuroscience about the importance of having an organized mind and how to have one.

3. Emotional intelligence: The importance about your inner family, the source of your needs, values, strengths, and emotions and to learn the steps to understand & decode them.

Basic techniques to help generate more positive emotions and settle negative.​

4. Body intelligence: Body Intelligence (BQ): how to access the body’s inner wisdom to live a better quality of life.​

5. Transformational change: Self-Transformation by influence, motivation, consideration and stimulation. 

Speak & Inspire

by Lisa Nichols

This powerful communicator course by Master Speaking Coach Lisa Nichols discovers how to deeply inspire, influence, and connect with anyone. 

The Speak & Inspire Quest empowers to:

  • Uncover And Own Your Voice: unearth the unique and powerful message you were born with to fearlessly share with the world.

  • Hone Your Natural Magnetism: discover how to be a more charismatic communicator and watch people around you hang on to your every word.

  • Develop Unshakeable Confidence: dust off the nervousness and anxiety, and wow anyone with your cool sense of confidence and authenticity.

  • Become A Star Performer At Work: gain the confidence to share your ideas and impress others in any situation, from client negotiations to team meetings.

  • Strengthen Your Relationships: channel greater love, compassion, and empathy into your conversations with the people you care about most.

  • Expand Your Social & Professional Networks: learn how to show up as a magnetic person that others find interesting, trustworthy, and reliable.

  • Become A Master Storyteller: watch people fall madly in love with you as you share emotion-driven stories that captivate your listeners from start to finish.

  • Engage Any Audience (As Small As 1 Or As Big As 1,000): whether it’s on stage or in front of an intimate group.

Conscious Parenting

by Dr. Shefali

This Powerful parenting course by Dr Shefali explores how to deeply connect with your children, detect unhealthy patterns and heal your own inner child to become the best parent you can be. It teaches you:

  • The core principle of conscious parenting: and how honoring your child as a sovereign being is the key to your greatest spiritual awakening as a parent.

  • Why traditional models of parenting can emotionally stifle your child. It may keep your child ‘disciplined’ but it may leave them fearful of honestly opening up to you.

  • Are you unconsciously projecting your unmet needs onto your child? Learn how to show up ‘whole’ to your child so you can create the loving, unconditional connection both of you truly crave.

  • The 3 Vital Needs of Every Child: understanding this powerful concept will instantly explain, and help you deal with your child’s most ‘disruptive behaviours’.

  • If you get frustrated when your child is ‘acting out’, use this simple 5-minute exercise to quickly resolve the situation and heal any of your hidden parenting doubts and fears.

  • The single easiest way to raise emotionally resilient children… and why wanting happiness for your child damages their self-esteem in the long run.

  • And many profound insights into a radically new and empowering model of parenting.



Instructor*& practitioner certificates:

  1. Basic DNA (Oct 2017)*

  2. Advanced DNA (Oct 2017)*

  3. Dig Deeper (Nov 2017)*

  4. Intuitive Anatomy (Dec 2017)

  5. Game of Life (Feb 2018)

  6. Rainbow Children (Feb 2018)

  7. You and Your Significant Other (Jun 2018)

  8. Wealth Consciousness (Dec 2018) 

  9. DNA3 (Feb 2019)

  10. Family Ties (April 2019)

  11. Soulmate (April 2019)

  12. Planes of Existence (June 2019)

  13. Your perfect Weight (Sep 2019)

  14. You and Your Inner Circle (Sep 2019)*

  15. You and the Earth (Sep 2019)

  16. You and the Creator (Oct 2019)*

  17. You and Your Partner (Oct 2019)

Speak to Inspire

Completed & certified: Nov 19

  1. ​Discover & Own your own voice

  2. Be authentic in your voice

  3. The essence of a story

  4. Speak you legacy

  5. Manage fear and anxiety with communication

  6. Speak to impact

  7. Stir the soul of your audience

  8. How to create a save environment for speaking 

  9. From passive listening to active listening

  10. Your body talks

  11. Create Dialogue not Monologue

  12. Verbal Highlights

  13. The Valley

  14. Pregnant Pause

  15. Master enrollment

Conscious Parenting

Completed & certified: Dec 2019

  1. ​Myth #1: Parenting is About the Child

  2. The Patterns We Inherit

  3. Myth #2: Good Parents are Natural

  4. Myth #3 & #4: A Successful & Happy Child

  5. The culture archetypes

  6. Getting to the routes of fear & transform it

  7. Expectations into empathic engagement

  8. Myth #5: A Good Parent is a Loving One

  9. Accept yourself & accept your children

  10. Judgement to compassion 

  11. Myth #6: Good Children & Bad Children

  12. From a parent to a spiritual guide

  13. The mechanics of a spiritual guide

  14. From reactors, not inter-actors

  15. Myth #7 Parents Need to be in Control

  16. The mechanics of conscious boundaries

  17. The Natural Learning & Negotiation Table

  18. From control to connection

Co-Active Coaching

Completed all trainings: May 2019

  1. Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals (Oct 2018)

  2. Fulfillment (Oct 2018)

  3. Balance (Nov 2018)

  4. Process (Jan 2019)

  5. Synergy (May 2019)

Holistic Coaching

Completed all trainings: May 2019

  1. The psychology behind

  2. Mastering your mind 

  3. Emotional Intelligence

  4. Body Intelligence 

  5. Transformational Change 

"Coaching is based on trust and mutual liking. 

So in a first free call we can get to know each other."