Mentoring is sharing knowledge, skills and life experience to guide another towards reaching their full potential;

it’s a journey of shared discovery.

When is a mentor needed?
Mentoring allows the mentee to see their potential and to realise their goals. It is a developing partnership. Mentor and mentee often have shared experience within an area or an industry, with the mentor contributing specialised knowledge.

A mentor is an interlocutor that can help the mentee to find the right direction and develop solutions too old or new problems. Mentors’ experience and skill allow them assess where mentees are in their profession, giving them the ability to see opportunities and make progress.

They help mentees to believe in themselves by increasing their confidence and self-awareness. In an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect a mentor asks questions and challenges, guides and encourages. The mentor gives mentees the opportunity to explore new ideas in confidence and to examine challenges, opportunities and what they want in their professional life. Mentoring is about the mentee becoming more self -aware, taking more responsibility for their professional development and steering in a direction of clear choice.

What do Mentors do?

Mentors listen objectively and act as a sounding board. They ask questions that encourage mentees to look at issues from a variety of perspectives and focus on problem-solving, decision-making and solutions. They challenge traditional ways of thinking and encourage strategies outside of their mentee’s comfort zone.


Mentors can prepare their mentees for professional careers and assist with their workplace skills. They raise the bar regarding a mentee’s potential and provide guidance, support, encouragement and constructive feedback.

My background:
I am a former passionate Senior Manager with 16 years of experience across consumer goods and healthcare in Europe and the Middle East. Combining and using the studied coaching and healing techniques and building on my corporate leadership experience, managing teams and inspiring them over years, I offers a unique mentoring approach to unleash your hidden potential.

"Coaching is based on trust and mutual liking. 

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