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Brings Positive Change For Leadership And Life

Co-Active Life Coaching is a unique experience of personal and professional development. Rather than instructing or advising clients, I am trained to ask powerful questions, listen, and empower you to find the answers to whatever challenges you face.


Co-Active Life Coaching is a powerful relationship between client and coach, fostered by open, courageous conversation. As you ponder each question, your self-awareness deepens, and you will notice a profound change in how these revelations change your decision-making and the results that come with it. The process of personal development continues in a cyclical motion: New choices lead to new results, which initiates new patterns of thinking.


As your self-awareness grows, you will continue to experiment with new choices and open a new world of possibilities. In due course, the wheels of personal growth will be set in motion.


Co-Active Life Coaches believe their clients are already great, and it’s their job to provide support to enhance the skills, resources and creativity you already possess within to achieve extraordinary results.

Co-Active Life Coaching Is A Thought Clarification Process

The Co-Active Coaching method accounts for two underlying assumptions:


  1. You know yourself best. Therefore, only you can make the best decisions for yourself rather than relying on others for advice or direction. Rather, most people primarily need clarification of their own thinking to determine the best way forward.

  2. You are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. Coaching is a way for you to discover, with the guidance of a trained coach, what you value, what you need, and what you want out of your life.


Properly trained Co-Active Coaches utilize a toolkit of skills to enable you to clarify your thinking. Your coach acts as a guide who enables you to clearly assess your situation and then deal with it in the manner best suited to you. Coaching provides clarity, balance and fulfillment.


Bettina Koster
Co-Active Life Coach

Bettina Koster brings a wealth of experience, certifications, and unique options in the realm of holistic bioenergetic coaching services and methods offered.


As your Co-Active Coach in Abu Dhabi, I provide a heart-centered, solution-focused approach to shifting and transforming difficult issues in your life. These issues might be professional, personal, spiritual, or emotional – they might be a mix of some or all of them. But coaching is goal-oriented in a very concrete way. Co-Active Coaching, as part of holistic bioenergetic coaching program, is meant to provide you with a partner (your coach) and tools to help you overcome a struggle or block in order to make big shifts in your life using a very specific plan that is tailored to your needs and goals.


If you are ready to make positive changes in your life, learn more about my coaching services in Abu Dhabi, coaching methods, or book your Discovery Session today.

Discover The Benefits Of Co-Active Life Coaching

Co-Active Coaching addresses all aspects of your life—career, relationships, health, and personal growth—so that you can apply the tools and reap the benefits all around. 


Through the coaching process, you will:


  • Learn how to develop awareness to create the change you want

  • Shift consciousness

  • Clarify where you are and where you want to be, and why

  • Develop goals

  • Maximize your learning from past and present actions

  • Develop your creativity to find perspectives that help you get unstuck

  • Explore areas of your life you avoided in the past

  • Choose new ways to move in a desired direction

  • Identify your strengths and build on them

  • Identify where you limit yourself and learn how to move beyond these self-imposed limits

  • Become an effective leader in your life and work

  • Choose if you want to lead or manage in various situations

  • Build a partnership with your coach to create change

  • Become accountable for results

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"Coaching is based on mutual trust and compatibility. 

Book a free introductory call to find out if we're a fit." 

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