unique approach to coaching combines some fundamentally different yet complementary techniques enabling you to become the best version of yourself.

In our one on one sessions we focus on growth and development, the empowering and well-proven method of CTI is the framework for our coaching. ThetaHealing is used to re-route thought patterns by working with the subconscious mind to finding and shifting limiting beliefs. The insights of Holistic Coaching based on research and testing are integrated to create a balanced synergy of all areas in life.  

You are actively working with the coach to discover and free your internal strengths.


The objectives of the coaching sessions are:

  • harnessing the brain’s capacity for change

  • rewiring your mind to operate on your peak 

  • the ability to strengthen your cognitive system

  • to re-route thought patterns

  • break emotional habits 

"Coaching is based on trust and mutual liking. 

So in a first free call we can get to know each other." 


Co-Active Coaching 

by CTI

Co-Active Coaching is an experience of personal and professional development unlike other kinds of coaching. Based on the Co-Active Model, it begins by holding the coachee as naturally creative, resourceful and whole, and completely capable of finding their own answers to whatever challenges they face.

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Theta Healing 

by Vianna Stibal

The goal is to improve general well-being and health by freeing, negative experiences, blocking thought patterns (limiting beliefs) or genetically inherited patterns to create positive thinking. Theta healing is a way to shift imbalanced brain activity into balanced while being in a theta brainwave state (subconscious mind).

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Holistic Coaching

by Margaret Moore

This course is backed up by science, 20+ years of research and testing and collaborating with the McLean Hospital (division of Harvard Medical School), resulted in these 5 pillars of holistic coaching:

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Speak & Inspire

by Lisa Nichols

This powerful communicator course by Master Speaking Coach Lisa Nichols discovers how to deeply inspire, influence, and connect with anyone. 

The Speak & Inspire Quest empowers to:

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Conscious Parenting

by Dr. Shefali

This Powerful parenting course by Dr Shefali explored how to deeply connect with your children, detect unhealthy patterns and heal your own inner child to become the best parent you can be. It taught me:

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Theta Healing

5 Instructor* &

17 practitioner 

  1. Basic DNA (Oct17) (*Feb20)

  2. Advanced DNA (Oct17) (*Feb20)

  3. Dig Deeper (Nov17) (*Feb20)

  4. You & Your Inner Circle (Sep19) (*Feb20)

  5. You and the Creator (Oct19) (*Feb20)

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Speak to Inspire


November 2019

  1. ​Discover & Own your own voice

  2. Be authentic in your voice

  3. The essence of a story

  4. Speak you legacy

  5. Manage fear and anxiety with communication

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Conscious Parenting

Certified December 2019

  1. ​Myth 1: Parenting is About the Child

  2. The Patterns We Inherit

  3. Myth 2: Good Parents are Natural

  4. Myth 3 & 4: A Successful & Happy Child

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Completed all trainings: May 2019

  1. Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals (Oct18)

  2. Fulfillment (Oct18)

  3. Balance (Nov18)

  4. Process (Jan19)

  5. Synergy (May19)

Holistic Coaching

Completed all trainings: May 2019

  1. The psychology behind

  2. Mastering your mind 

  3. Emotional Intelligence

  4. Body Intelligence 

  5. Transformational Change 



1,111 AED (2 hours)​

Trial Package

4,444 AED (6 hours)​

Regular Package

7,777 AED (12 hours)​

Add-On / Theta

777 AED (1 hour)​

"Coaching is based on trust and mutual liking. 

So in a first free call we can get to know each other." 





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