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Conscious Parenting

For Our Successful Children Of Tomorrow

This powerful parenting course, created by world-renowned clinical psychologist Dr. Shefali, explores how to deeply connect with your children, detect unhealthy patterns, and heal your own inner child, to become the best parent you can be. 


It contains:

  • The core principle of conscious parenting: and how honoring your child as a sovereign being is the key to your greatest spiritual awakening as a parent.

  • Why traditional models of parenting can emotionally stifle your child. It may keep your child ‘disciplined’ but it may leave them fearful of honestly opening up to you.

  • Are you unconsciously projecting your unmet needs onto your child? Learn how to show up ‘whole’ to your child so you can create the loving, unconditional connection both of you truly crave.

  • The 3 Vital Needs of Every Child: understanding this powerful concept will instantly explain, and help you deal with your child’s most ‘disruptive behaviours’.

  • If you get frustrated when your child is ‘acting out’, use this simple 5-minute exercise to quickly resolve the situation and heal any of your hidden parenting doubts and fears.

  • The single easiest way to raise emotionally resilient children… and why wanting happiness for your child damages their self-esteem in the long run.

  • And many profound insights into a radically new and empowering model of parenting.

The Conscious Parenting as part of your coaching experience

Using a holistic approach to your coaching sessions, I will analyze your unique situation and goals to develop a bespoke program that encompasses a number of different coaching methodologies. If you are struggling with parenthood, Conscious Parenting is a powerful method to help you release old childhood emotions and trauma quickly and effectively, helping you become a more present and conscious parent.


The process of your coaching sessions is a very personal journey. Every person is uniquely individual, so there is no one-size-fits-all approach to my coaching sessions. You can always rest assured that sessions are done in a safe and supportive area where you can freely explore all aspects of your life that you would like to change or improve.

Bettina Koster, Conscious Parenting in Abu Dhabi & Dubai

Bettina brings a wealth of experience, certifications, and unique options in the realm of coaching services and methods offered.


As a Holistic Bioenergetric Life Coach in Abu Dhabi, Bettina provides a heart-centered, solution-focused approach to shifting and transforming difficult issues in your life. These issues might be professional, personal, spiritual, or emotional – they might be a mix of some or all of them. But coaching is goal-oriented in a very concrete way. Bettina’s holistic bioenergetic approach to coaching is are meant to provide you with a partner (your coach) and the tools to help you overcome a struggle or block in order to make big shifts in your life using a very specific plan that is tailored to your needs and goals achieving mental fitness. 


If you are ready to make positive changes in your life, I invite you to book a free introductory call to discuss your situation and help you determine if my coaching is a “fit” for you.

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"Coaching is based on mutual trust and compatibility. 

Book a free introductory call to find out if we're a fit." 

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